Friday, 23 December 2011

dark valley over here
there's a mountain hiding the sun
even there's no river nor lake for water...
thus no cloud could be seen
dark and cold

but i enjoy what reality had made for this valley..
i know it would be harmful if i climb up the mountain...
and see the other side of world
i enjoy the pain made by this coldness
eventually it is still less painful rather than if i move out from this valley

i doubt my sapienity
too much in this world...eventually kills me
every breath i take....every second i die
i love this valley....
not every happiness is called happiness
even i have to walk on thorns 
the thing is....i'm still alive
and that's enough...
everyday i wake up in the morning and alive
and to be silent from millions of sentences..
 God knows everything about me...hears every whisper of my soul...
even hell breaks like Big Bang theory....
God always love me....
that's enough pocket money to survive here...

i love this valley....
somehow certain catastrophy can't be controlled
even tornadoes get angry at two poles of the earth
like my friend said...
"if u can't avoid it...just enjoy it"

i love this valley....
in the end of day......
Alhamdulillah....thank you Allah...
for still here with me....
for still accept me even i choose to be abstract rather than concrete
for being the One... i shared all of my secrets....
for being the Best listener...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

its ok..

in the end of the day...
always say to myself...its ok...i still have another day tomorrow..


Friday, 9 December 2011


the closest arrow can be the most painful
feel it in either direction
worst case scenario

Thursday, 1 December 2011

tick tock

everyday i make mistakes
and everyday i repent
everyday i fight
everyday i fail
then i fight again...

but i miss one thing

i forgot to move on
and i realized that since i felt the world can't wait for me anymore

the only only only one that i can do right now